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How to Pair Your Phone with the Land Rover Touch Pro Duo

The latest Land Rover luxury SUVs will give you a high-end driving experience that surrounds you in luxury and keeps you comfortable throughout Glen Cove. They also come with a brand-new infotainment system called Touch Pro Duo, and Land Rover Glen Cove is here to help you get to grips with this advanced connectivity system.

Pairing Your Smartphone

Keeping your smartphone connected to your Land Rover vehicle is a breeze. Just remember, that your Land Rover will always automatically pair with the last phone to be paired, so if you are sharing the vehicle or letting a passenger attach their phone, you may have to delete their phone in order to make yours the default.

Step one of the pairing process is quite simple - just make sure the Bluetooth function is turned on on your smartphone, and that it is 'discoverable'.

Next, tap the phone icon. You'll find this icon along the bottom of the infotainment display near the center. From there, you'll select the phone icon again to make your Land Rover discoverable.

Next, you'll switch back to your phone and look for the Range Rover Velar to appear in your devices available Bluetooth connections. At this point you'll want to pay attention to the prompts on the infotainment display for to complete the pairing process and fully link your phone with your new Land Rover SUV.

You can easily pair up to 10 devices with your new Land Rover model, so you'll have plenty of open slots available for friends and family as they come along for the ride. Not only does this mean easy connectivity while you're on the go, but it means you can let your passengers play their favorite music in turns - especially handy for those extended family road trips.

Voice activation technology is enabled to help you access your smartphone features without actually taking your eyes off the road. Simply press the voice recognition button on the steering wheel and say "Call Jane Smith", or "Dial (555) 123-4567", and it will connect you to your chosen contact without you ever looking away from the road ahead.

About Touch Pro Duo

While Touch Pro has been around for a while, Touch Pro Duo is the latest and greatest in vehicle infotainment technology you can find on a new Land Rover model. The biggest difference between the original system and Touch Pro Duo is the addition of a second 10-inch display below the original screen. This panel replaces the knobs, buttons, and dials that previously operated your climate control system, heated and ventilated seat settings, and massage functions. You can also use both displays for easy access to information while driving. For example, if you are using the built in navigation but want to keep an eye on what music you're listening to, you can use the second pane to view your media while the map view stays on the upper display.

Touch Pro Duo also incorporates widget features to the home screen, so you can have more instant access to your favorite functions and apps without cycling through several menus. You can put up a weather widget to get an update on current and upcoming conditions as you drive, or you can put a phone widget on the home screen to quickly access your recent calls and contacts. The same is true for voicemail and media functions, and you can customize these widgets until you find your ideal mix.

Find Your New Land Rover Model in Glen Cove!

The incredible luxury and advanced technology of our new Land Rover models is only getting better each year, and the Touch Pro Duo system is a prime example of how Land Rover is always pushing forward. To get your hands on the latest Land Rover tech, visit our dealership and find a Land Rover luxury SUV today!

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