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How to Use the Land Rover Heads-Up Display

For decades, Land Rover has created some of the most innovative luxury SUVs. On select models, you can get a full-color heads-up display that makes reading driver information so much easier. Here is how this advanced feature works.

Setting Up the Display

To activate the heads-up display (HUD), use the onscreen menu located on the touch screen. From there, you will be able to customize the information that is displayed on the HUD. This information can include road speed, road sign information, navigation information and more.

Reading the HUD Information

The HUD information will be displayed on the windshield right in front of the driver. The information will be displayed in real-time and allows the driver to maintain better attention on the road. To adjust the information on the HUD, use the HUD menu on the touchscreen.

Setting the Brightness of the HUD

The brightness of the HUD display is automatically adjusted according to the current ambient light conditions. If you would like to adjust the brightness of the HUD manually, you can do so by using the heads-up display and Brightness menu settings on the touchscreen. Follow the instructions on the heads-up display or brightness menu and then press the OK button.

Information Available On the HUD

You can find several road information data points on the HUD. Some of the available information includes the current speed, cruise control speed, traffic sign recognition, gear position, and turn-by-turn navigation. All of this information can be displayed on the HUD at one time. You can make various adjustments to what you see on the HUD by using the Head-Up Display menu on the touchscreen. Select which information you would like displayed on the HUD and press the OK button.

See the Land Rover Heads Up Display for Yourself

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