Land Rover Defender vs Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Defender vs. the Land Rover Discovery - Which High-End SUV is the Right Fit for You?

With the world-renowned brand name Land Rover backing every SUV, drivers know they can count on the collection of meticulously crafted vehicles at Land Rover Glen Cove to deliver the performance and quality they're looking for. But with so many impressive options to choose from, how can you know you're making the right choice for your needs? That's where we come in.

Our team of Land Rover experts knows the ins and outs of every vehicle in stock at our Glen Cove dealership, and we want to help you make the best decision for your family, to help you make the most out of every drive you take. Here, we explain some of the key differences and similarities between two of our most sought-after models, the Land Rover Defender and the Land Rover Discovery. Read on to learn more about each model and stop by to see us in person to meet both in person and discover firsthand which one is the right one for your needs with a test drive.


Size and Space

A longtime fan favorite, the Land Rover Discovery is currently in its fifth outstanding generation. Meanwhile, the Land Rover Defender is a more recent addition to our collection, having just returned for its second generation after a hiatus of more than two decades. Both SUVs, however, deliver the high-end materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship that Land Rover vehicles are known for, and both have flexible seating configurations of either two or three rows.

The Land Rover Defender, however, has a third seating arrangement that the Discovery does not, in that you can request a jump seat for the middle of the front row in the Defender, giving you a third option for seating that the Discovery doesn't have and an optional capacity for six people.

Both luxury models have similar amounts of headroom and legroom for you and your passengers, although the Discovery, as the longer of the two models, offers more cargo space. You can look forward to more than 41 cubic feet of space in the rear of the Land Rover Discover, and up to 15.6 cubic feet for the Defender model.

Power and Performance

Regardless of which Land Rover SUV you go for, you can always look forward to responsive performance and engaging handling from the carmaker's legendary engineers. However, both of these models offer something a little different than the other, meaning one is bound to appeal to you more than the other.

For example, the Land Rover Defender has two engine options available, either a nice turbocharged four-cylinder, or a smooth hybrid six cylinder. But, if you prefer diesel over hybrid, the Land Rover Discovery offers either a gas engine or a diesel engine, but no hybrid. Both are powerful and capable on the road and off, and the choice comes down to your personal preference.

You Might Prefer the Land Rover Defender If...

  • you enjoy flexible seating configurations, with accommodations available for five, six, or seven passengers
  • you're looking for an efficient and innovative hybrid option for your next luxury SUV

You Might Prefer the Land Rover Discovery If...

  • you need more room for cargo and regularly carry more gear with you when you go out
  • you enjoy the added boost and utility of a diesel-powered engine

Meet Your Next Land Rover SUV in Person in Glen Cove

Whether it's the Discovery, the Defender, or another impeccably built Land Rover SUV that drives you into see us, we're excited to work with you and help you find your next vehicle in person. Browse our collection to learn more and stop by to see us and take your favorite on a test drive soon.

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