Trading-In When You Upgrade to a New Land Rover? Get an Online Appraisal to Better Know Your Budget

Buying a new Land Rover luxury SUV in Glen Cove is exciting; you have so many choices, so many prospects, and ability to pick a luxury SUV that fits your personality, driving style, and your budget. When it comes to that last one-budgeting-this helpful online appraisal tool can give you the insight you need to get a firm handle on your financing options.

Many drivers from Oyster Bay and Port Washington, NY prefer to trade-in their used vehicle as part of their down payment toward a new Range Rover Velar or Land Rover Discovery Sport; if you're planning to do the same, it can really help to know what your trade-in value might be. That's where our trade-in appraisal tool comes in.

What Is a Blue Book® Value?

Powered by Kelley Blue Book, this tool allows you to input all the relevant information about your current vehicle-its make, model, year, and specific information like trims, features, and condition-then it runs your answers against Kelley Blue Book's huge index of fair market prices for similar vehicles, which is how your Blue Book® Value is computed. The Blue Book® Value gives you a gasp of what your current vehicle is worth at a fair market value, which you can use to better calculate what your monthly payments might be for any of the new Land Rover SUVs you're considering.

Knowing what your current vehicle is worth allows you to shop with confidence and avoid selling it below its market value. Even if you don't sell your vehicle to us, it never hurts to know what it might be worth, so go ahead and get your own free online Kelley Blue Book appraisal and see what your car's Blue Book® Value is!

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