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Even the Daunting Heaven's Gate Staircase in China is No Match for the New Range Rover Sport!


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It turns out that even 999 intimidating steps at a 45 degree angle up one of China's most famous landmarks isn't enough to stop the ability and prowess of the new Range Rover Sport! Just recently, the new Range Rover Sport made the impressive accomplishment with Ho-Pin Tung of the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team behind the wheel, starting at the bottom of the legendary seven-mile Tianmen Mountain Road, or Dragon Road, and culminating in a conquering climb up the 999 steep steps to…

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Get Ready for the Range Rover Velar

Land Rover continues its quest to provide something for everyone. New for the 2018 model year is the Range Rover Velar, a midsize crossover SUV larger than the Range Rover Evoque but smaller than the Range Rover Sport. Land Rover put great efforts into making the Velar as comfortable and capable as possible, and they've definitely succeeded.


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