5. Navigation

Your Connected Navigation Pro system allows you to access the quickest routes to your destinations with live traffic updates. The system also allows you to check for the lowest gas prices, nearest ATM's, and local restaurants. By using this technology in the new Land Rover Defender, you and your family can have a fun and easy trip together around Glen Cove, NY.

4. Enhanced Vision

With enhanced vision, you will get a 3D view with your surround camera to easily make sure there are no obstacles around your Land Rover Defender that could potentially cause a collision. This technology feature also comes in handy for those of you living in a busy area where you constantly have to back out into oncoming traffic where you need a clear view of all angles.

3. Infotainment

Your infotainment options and settings are displayed on a 10-inch touchscreen where you can customize your screen to better your driving experience and make your favorite apps easier to access. Once the customizations are made, all you have to do is touch one button for fast and easy access.

2. Compatibility

Your Land Rover will allow you to easily connect to several in-vehicle apps like The Weather Channel, Pandora, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. For those of you with a smartphone, you can also connect your device via Bluetooth by simply syncing your phone to your vehicle.

1. Head-Up Driver Display

The head-up driver's display projects all your Land Rover Defender's most important information on the windshield directly ahead of you to help eliminate distracted driving. To ensure that you can view specific information, you can even customize your display to meet all your driving needs.

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