Here at Land Rover Glen Cove, we know the Range Rover brand is one of the most important in the world with most of our customers drawn to its high-levels of technology and impressive performance that is available. In terms of technology, the Range Rover Evoque has a range of options from those to help you stay connected to all your streaming and navigation services. Other technologies are available to keep you safe on the road with various cameras and warnings available when you are driving around Glen Cove NY.

The Range Rover Evoque Keeps you Connected

The online options available in the Range Rover Evoque gives you all the choices you could need to stay connected to your many apps and devices. We know you will always probably be connected to your phone and want to retain access no matter where the road takes you. The ten-inch touchscreen gives you the best options for staying online and gives you access to all the connected apps and options that can be controlled from the touchscreen to control your vehicle. There are many options you can enjoy including easy control of your environmental system including the climate control systems and gives you access to the Navigation Pro and Connect Pro apps.

A Heads Up Display Keeps You Focused

Staying focused on the road ahead is not always easy to do in the 21st-century with so much information available to us as we drive around Glen Cove NY. The development of a heads up display means you can keep track of all your important information, including incoming calls, navigational turns, and the speed you are traveling at.

Staying Safe Even When Off-Road

The Range Rover Evoque has been designed to invoke the spirit of adventure the brand was first created with. Among the latest ways, technology is improving your adventurous streak is through the Ground View camera system that allows you to look through the hood of your Evoque and see what kind of terrain you are moving towards viewed through your ten-inch touchscreen.

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