What to Expect with the 2018 Land Rover Discovery

With each new model year comes some evolutionary development in a vehicle, and the Land Rover Discovery is no exception to that rule. Year after year it has developed and evolved in matters of style, luxury, and capabilities while continuing to uphold its legacy of a luxurious sense of adventure.

This year, the Land Rover Discovery looks to increase its level of technology and performance. According to media.landrover.com, “All derivatives of the 2018 Land Rover Discovery now feature the Land Rover InControl® Touch Pro(™) infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen interface on the center console as standard…Previously exclusive to HSE and HSE Luxury models, the powerful and efficient Td6 diesel engine will now be offered on sE derivatives as well.” These developments will only increase the amount of connectivity and information displays as well as the power you get from behind the wheel. Other new features include an emergency braking system now standard on all models, and a second-generation Head-Up Display that more than doubles the information display space available on the HSE and HSE Luxury models.

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery goes on sale in early 2018 and will undoubtedly continue elevating its level of luxurious adventure to new heights. If you have any more questions regarding the changes in the 2018 Land Rover Discovery, or if you have any questions on our current inventory of Land Rover Discovery models, please feel free to reach out to us directly either by email or over the phone.

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